Company Overview

Specializing for 30 years in plastic injection molding, Daesung industrial.

Factory View



Company Name Daesung Inc.
Representative Kyung-rim Lee
Address 25, Samjak-ro 171beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 14453
Tel +82-32-679-0588
Capital 10 Billion
Main Products Mold processing and plastic injection molding
Employees 45

Main Products

Cosmetic Container Injection and molding Manufacturer

Daesung has been producing excellent products in various fields and are Satisfying both customers and consumers

  • Cosmetic lip care case/ brush/ pencil/ blow container/ mini jar
  • Housing and cap for hair curl.
  • Indoor headset for Korean air
  • Navigation Cradle for vehicle
  • PC Monitor Mount
  • Megaphone
  • Antenna for communications
  • Waterproofing Materials for Construction Sites
  • Subway construction materials


Top experts deliver the best products

Experts in each sector of DAESUNG are always trying to keep up with the recent trend. And We believe that these efforts can create new one.


The best equipment in the best condition

Daesung Industry has a lot of experience and knows the importance of facilities through many experiences.

Dept Equipments Specification Quantity Maker
Mold Discharger M 1 Daehan EDM
Mold Lather M 2 Hwacheon Machines
Mold Milling 460X1000N 1 Hwacheon Machines
Mold Grinder M 2
Injection Injection 40~480 tons 30 Toshiba
Injection Injection Robot High Speed 30 Sunplus
Injection Compressor 30HP 3
Injection High Speed Grinder 4
Injection Low Speed Grinder 30
Injection Colorator 2
Injection Dryer 2
Injection Air Dryer 1
Injection Auto Atomizer 30
Injection Auto Suction Machine 30
Injection Motor Pump 50HP 3

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